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5 Essential Elements to Consider When Installing Glass Railings

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Glass railings have been increasingly used as a replacement for the more traditional wooden and metal railings these days. They give the entire house a luxurious character with their sleek designs. They are easily maintainable and less expensive than their counterparts. The modern glass is also not fragile and provides an excellent support and safety quotient. However, to keep glass railings in the best shape for a lifetime, you need to take care of some essential elements before and after installing them.

Here are some essential elements to consider when installing glass railings.

#1- Area of Installation: The glass type and railing style will greatly depend on the area you are installing it in. If it is inside the building, you may want to go with clean or designer tempered glass with rimmed or rimless design. And if it is on the outside, you would prefer framed railings for added strength. If you live in tropical climates, you would want to stay away from dark shades that can heat quickly.

#2- Building Codes: Many states have building codes for safety and protection. You must ensure that your chosen style follows the regulations approved by your jurisdiction. The glass railing company can help you with your local building codes for glass railings installation.

#3- Materials and Specifications Used: Many people have heard or experienced incidents that make them question installing glass railings. However, glass railings are highly safe, given that they are constructed with the correct materials and specifications. Make sure your contractor uses safety glasses and not standard glasses. The depth of the glass should range between 3/8 inches to ½ inches. The thickness primarily depends on whether you are using casing. The height for residential glass railings should be thirty-six inches, and for commercial buildings, forty-two inches.

#4- Maintenance Requirements: Installing glass railings means you are up for the cleanliness challenge. While their maintenance is relatively cheap, it is required frequently since glass tends to be a handprint magnet. Nevertheless, it is effortless and quick to clean the glass to its squeaky self. You can simply use water and soap solutions or a cleaning agent and a disposable cloth to remove oily handprints on your glass railing.

#5- Styles Used: Glass railings are preferred majorly because of their invisibility and classy styles. Depending on your choices and requirements, multiple railing styles are available. The most popular ones are frameless and framed railings. Frameless glass railings are the best if you have a splendid view from your balcony or patio. If you need a little extra support, you can opt for framed glass railings. Other options include glass hand railing, glass deck railing, glass balustrade, and stair glass hand railing.

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