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Pros and Cons of Glass Railing

Updated: Jul 6

Wooden and stainless steel have been most homeowners’ prime choices for railings for a long time now. Although, with their increasing prices, it has become challenging for most people to purchase and install these at their home or office. This vacuum was quickly filled by glass railings as they became the next big thing in the railings industry, both for commercial and residential purposes. They are comparatively inexpensive, quick to install and contribute significantly to upping the market value of the property. However, just like any other material, a glass railing to has its advantages and disadvantages that you should know before considering them for your home or office space.

The article below discusses some of the pros and cons of glass railings. Read on to know more!


  1. There is No Downtime: Glass railings can be easily and quickly installed anywhere in your property. They are also ready for use as soon as they are installed, without any wait for the paint or varnish to dry. This is in contrast to most metal and wooden railings, which often carry a downtime before they’re ready for common usage lest you risk spoiling their look. Moreover, they are not bulky, which further reduces the need for muscles and manpower while installing them.

  2. They Have a Luxurious Appeal: Glass railings add an extra oomph to the place and can be customized to match the interiors perfectly. You can go with metal frames or rimless designs for a modern look, or choose wooden frames for a more classic style. Their transparency is another plus point, allowing your guests to see through the rails and on the other side, creating a sort of visual kaleidoscopic effect.

  3. They are Weather-Proof: Glass is not as affected by changes in the weather as wood. In more humid conditions, wood swells to expand, and during dry periods, it contracts back. Weather damages can lead to loose or broken fixtures, which often require repairing at later stages to contain the damage. Glass, on the other hand, is resistant to weather conditions and does not get damaged by heat exposure, making it the top choice of railings for most people.

  4. They are Non-Corrosive: Whether you choose stainless steel or aluminum for your railings, the fact remains that these are metals, and with external factors over time, will eventually rust and corrode. They often require repainting and refinishing jobs to keep them looking new and fresh. In contrast, glass is non-corrosive and looks fresh and new even years after installation.


  1. They Can be Expensive: Railings are expensive, and unfortunately, glass railings are often at the pricey end of the catalogue. It’s true that they have low maintenance needs and do not need any servicing once they are installed professionally. However, getting top-quality, resilient glass railings, along with experienced installers for their setup, can cause a massive hole in your pocket.

  2. They Require Regular Cleaning: There is no hiding the fact that glasses are fingerprint magnets. You will need to clean them every day and maybe more than that if you have guests frequent your home/office space, to keep them shiny and dirt-free.

  3. They are Fragile: Although the glasses used today are tempered for safety reasons, they are still a form of glass. A sharp blow could very well break them. However, the tempered glasses shatter into smooth pieces that are less likely to hurt the people around.

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