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5 Things You Need To Know About Glass Railing

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Glass railings give you the stylish, chic look you would want for your space. Whether you want the frame to be wooden, metallic, or rimless, glass railings fit just right with any of them. They are becoming increasingly popular today in the building industry, thanks to the plethora of advantages they provide.

You can install and maintain glass railings with comfort and ease. They let natural light in, exhibit more expansive space, and are overall cost-effective.

However, it is best to learn more about glass stair railings if you are considering setting them up in your home or office space.

Below, we tell you a few things you need to know about installing glass railings!

  1. Choose the Installation Company Wisely: The installation company that you choose for your home or office space affects the outcome significantly. The type of glass, frame, fitting, and quality provided dramatically vary from one installation company to another. Hence, it is best to research thoroughly on the installation companies in your area, check their portfolios, and visit the recent sites that they’ve worked on to make a well-informed, appropriate decision.

  2. Choose the right options: Glass ceilings provide you with multiple varieties to choose from. The most common types are frosted, tinted, inked, decorative, and reflective. You can also choose tempered glass instead of annealed glass if you’re looking for enhanced safety and breakage protection. Additionally, you can also choose from three different systems for glass railings, viz. dadoed, clamped, or stand-off, to match your interiors.

  3. Maintenance is Critical: Compared to other railing materials like wood and stainless steel, glass railings are known for being low maintenance. However, you should know that without proper care, nothing lasts long. While you do not need to get them repainted or refinished every other year, you do need to clean the glasses regularly since they are a magnet for fingerprints and dirt that comes with those. Fortunately, they do not absorb any stain and can be quickly cleaned with soap and water.

  4. Consider Your Budget: Glass railings may be expensive options. But with various advantages and the added beautification value, they indeed prove to be cost-effective. However, when it comes to interior designing, you can always find options ranging from both low-end to high-end. You should consider your budget to determine the quality of work you want before you begin looking for a glass railing installation company.

  5. Consider Local Building Codes: Local building codes for glass railings are critical to consider before getting glass railings at your place. There may be requirements for toughened glass or laminated glasses for safety reasons. Toughened glasses are safety glasses tempered with high heat and a rapid cooling process to increase their strength. When tempered glass breaks, it shatters into smooth, pebble-like tiny pieces that are not injurious or hazardous. On the other hand, laminated glasses are two sheets of glass joined together with an interlayer. When the glass breaks by accident, one side shatters while the other remains intact. These are the safest glasses used in building and construction today.

About Pro Glass & Railings-

At Pro Glass & Railings, you get only premium performances for premium results. Whether you’re looking for toughened glass installation for your home or office, we offer you a variety of options to choose from to make your living and working spaces prettier, stronger, and more durable.

We also offer glass services for railings, showers, custom mirrors & decorative glasses, doors, and glass office partitions, among others. Call us at (416)-740-5553 to get a direct quote or fill out our contact form to know more.

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